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Why are decentralized applications the future?

In 2009, Bitcoin proved that programmable trust could power an international currency without the need for a central banking institution. In 2019 that same technology is powering modern applications of all kinds.

Censorship Resistant Apps

The majority of people online—60 percent of internet users—live in countries that have engaged in some form of censorship. Every day, important news is silenced and activists are repressed by governments who want to limit free expression. Applications built on decentralized infrastructure have a natural resistance to any form of censorship, institutional or nation state.

Network Effects

Applications that rely on network effects for value creation face a chicken and egg user adoption problem. Decentralized infrastructure with currency embedded in the experience offers developers a new way to grow their communities.

Better Business Models

The internet’s prevailing business model, “the advertisement and engagement based model” - is one that over time results in privacy destruction, censorship, self sabotage and monopolization. With new forms of cryptographic digital assets and mechanism design, decentralized applications have the power to disrupt this business model and cultivate a better internet.

Reduced Counterparty Risk

When two parties enter into an agreement to exchange good and services the trust required to facilitate the transaction(s) can be hard to create when online. Smart contract based applications remove the need for a trusted third party, and instead use programmatic trust - enabling a new set of decentralized financial and commerce applications.

  • 1 Censorship Resistant Apps
  • 2 Network Effects
  • 3 Better Business Models
  • 4 Reduced Counterparty Risk

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Our developer platform is growing and decentralized applications are taking on global problems.
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Learn why developers are choosing AION

The Aion ecosystem
Mark Lawson, Co-Founder of VeriTransfer - discusses building a DApp on Aion and the value of the Aion ecosystem.
BlockX Labs
Building tooling for Aion
BlockX Labs was recently at Aion Engage and discussed working on tools for developers at the application layer.
The future of mobility
Velocia was recently at Aion engage and spoke with us about the future of mobility and data sharing.
Consumer adoption
Tehsin Bhayani spoke with us at Aion Engage and discussed the importance of user experience when interacting with blockchain applications.

An ecosystem of decentralized infrastructure, tooling, consumer products, and education.

Coin Accessibility
An ecosystem of third party exchanges makes AION assets accessible for mainstream applications.
Development Tooling
Aions core kernel and Virtual Machine are written in Java, a language with over 20 years of tooling and workflow support.
Node Infrastructure
It’s easy to spin up your own secure node, or choose from a variety of hosted node infrastructure providers that support the Aion Network.
Consumer Wallets
Choose from an growing number of supported wallets on web, desktop, and mobile to store AION and assets created with the Aion Token Standard.
Join the conversation
An important conversation is evolving on the state of the internet, our role as technologists and what it means to live in the 21st century.