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Roadmap to the internet, decentralized.

  • Phase 1: Kilimanjaro 2018

  • Virtual Machine - FastVM with EVM Source Compatibility
    Aion FastVM is an enhanced Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), featuring 128-bit data word size for better performance. It uses LLVM JIT as execution engine and runs decentralized application at native speed. Due to the architecture change, the instruction set and the energy cost of each instruction has been optimized. In addition, solidity compiler has been updated so that it can generate code for the Aion FastVM.
    Aion Interchain - Token Bridge and Interchain Communication
    This bridge is designed to enable the decentralized movement of smart contract based tokens between blockchains. Creating multi-network tokens that maintain a consistent supply - unleashing tokens from solely existing within one blockchain. The Token Bridge for the Kilimanjaro release is built for the purpose of migrating our ERC-20 token supply to native AION coins using a trustless interchain mechanism.
    Aion Proof of Work - Equihash 210_9
    The Kilimanjaro Release utilizes an optimized equihash consensus algorithm we’ve named Equihash210_9. This is a modification to the equihash algorithm, which doubles the memory requirement while achieving the required block times.
    Aion Core - Multi-Chain Framework, Wire Protocol (P2P), Tx Pool, Event Manager
    Aion Core is a collection of foundational modules necessary to run the Aion blockchain. The multi-chain framework contains the foundational structure for the modules that constitute the Aion blockchain. The Aion Wire module is a peer-to-peer (P2P) communications protocol. This protocol sets the standard for how Aion nodes interface between themselves by defining communication message structures. Event Manager (RPL) is the serialization solution, encoding arrays of binary data in a structure for Aion core.
    Aion APIs - Java API, Web3 API Compatibility
    The Aion Web3 repo provides the tools for using the Aion compatible Web3 API. It contains the setup instructions, tutorial content, example use-cases and test multi-sig wallet. The API repo contains a Java implementation of the Aion blockchain kernel application programming interface, built using Java 8. It uses the ZMQ Java binding as the network transfer layer protocol for improved stability, reliability and security. This repo will also contain future API implementations.
  • Phase 2: Denali

  • Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 1
    This AVM is a custom-built, lightweight, performant, and stable VM that leverages key characteristics of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing concurrency and robustness within a blockchain-specific context. The AVM is responsible for running applications on top of Aion. The AVM will include its own scripting language.
    Aion Scripting Language
    The Aion scripting language is used for writing chain logic that runs on Aion-Everest and potentially any connecting/participating network. The Aion language is compiled into AVM bytecode and executed by the AVM. The Aion language provides the following features: Defensive programming, Blockchain runtime environment, Blockchain context injection, Security.
    Proof-of-Intelligence Consensus Algorithm
    An economic measure to deter denial of service attacks by requiring participants, solvers in Aion-Everest, to perform artificial intelligence (AI) computation. The intent is to motivate the creation of AI-specific or specialized hardware that could be used for machine learning and neural network training in the future.
  • Phase 3: Everest 2019

  • Participating Network Bridging
    The generic bridge protocol is designed to enable the atomic movement of value and data between heterogeneous networks. This will enable the development of cross-blockchain contract logic and free-floating token supplies.
    Complete Validator Nomination
    The Hybrid DPoS / PoI consensus mechanism aims to achieve high performance while providing a fair and decentralized validator set. This is achieved through a token staking system and partly through a novel verification algorithm based on concepts used in modern neural networks called Proof-of- Intelligence.
    Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 2
    This Virtual Machine will be an evolution of the AVM with a focus on higher performance with concurrent execution, and multiple language support.

Explore the powerful use cases that Aion enables:

Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chains are complicated, often inefficient, and ideal for blockchain. Aion can be used to streamline supply chains so that goods can be tracked from provenance to product, creating a more transparent, safe, and efficient system.

Restaurants can see where their food originated, which parties handled it along the way, and can quickly isolate quality control issues. Manufacturers can ensure materials are ethically sourced and earn traceability premiums from their customers.

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Internet of Things

The Aion blockchain provides potential for a decentralized world of connected smart devices that ensures prospective developers and hardware builders that their creations would be compatible with a greater ecosystem.

Autonomous vehicles, smart grids, urban infrastructure, and more will communicate and transact on blockchain-based networks. Aion’s Multi-Tier Bridging Protocol will form the bridges between blockchains that facilitate seamless interoperability.

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Online Media Marketplace

Aion provides the infrastructure for media producers to create, distribute, and monetize their content through any distribution channel. Smart contracts allow media to float freely through the decentralized internet, providing value for viewers and contributors alike.

Royalties can be tracked and distributed to their rightful owners, while content is distributed to more users. This includes bridges across multiple blockchain solutions for global interoperability.

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As an ICO platform, Aion enables new products and companies to raise funds from investors around the world without requiring a centralized arbitrator or bank.

Using smart contracts, token sales can be launched with customized parameters and token economics, supported by the Aion Ecosystem partners providing associated other services including smart contract builds with auditing, advisory services and marketing.

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Digital Identities

Digital identities allow individuals to own, control, and carry their data wherever they go. Imagine if your health records, bank accounts, and citizenship could all be accessed through a single entry point – your private key.

The Aion bridges will enable digital IDs to transcend industries and geographies, streamlining travel, KYC, insurance claims, and more.

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  • 1 Supply Chain Logistics
  • 2 Internet of Things
  • 3 Online Media Marketplace
  • 4 Fundraising
  • 5 Digital Identities

Join your fellow Aion community developers to contribute code or build decentralized applications on our network.

Build on an ecosystem that will enable you to scale and interoperate between disparate blockchains.

dApp Developer

Our APIs, Virtual Machine, and future bridge designs enable developers to build robust dApps seamlessly, migrate them from other blockchain ecosystems, and eventually enable cross-chain applications. Early implementations of the Ethereum bridge enables the transfer of assets and value from the Ethereum network, initializing the first cross-chain decentralized applications.

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Core Contributor

We are always improving our code base to scale the technology while making it more secure and robust. You can contribute to: Consensus Algorithm, Aion Virtual Machine, and Aion Bridge plus more, all on our GitHub.

Bounty Program is Live

System Tester

Aion is in development. Get involved with Aion today by testing out the network, providing feedback and submitting issues on our GitHub.

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Future milestones on the Aion roadmap are in different stages of research and development. If you have relevant experience, we are always open to new technical input and encourage you to connect with us.

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Tools Developer

As the Aion ecosystem grows, you can contribute new tools and frameworks for developers and community members.

Bounty Program is Live

  • 1 dApp Developer
  • 2 Core Contributor
  • 3 System Tester
  • 4 Researcher
  • 5 Tools Developer

Become an Aion Ambassador. Help grow Aion in your community by hosting events and engaging with local Blockchain developers and enthusiasts.

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