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Build Aion-Compatible Blockchains

The Aion team is proud to achive MVP status with the ability to generate spoke blockchains to the Aion network. This allows developers to gain experience building on Aion compatible blockchains, pre-deployment of the main Aion network (Aion-1). We will continue to evolve and roll out the Aion toolset, making it exclusively available to AION ERC-20 token holders.

Follow the instructions below to access the binary package download.

  1. Burn 200 AION tokens (200e+8 base units) by sending them to address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000. NOTE: The token transfer does not have to happen in one transaction; as long as the source account has burned at-least the requisite AION token amount, the download will be made available to owner of the source account.

  2. Please use the Ethereum signature function (eth_sign) with the private key associated with your account (the one used for the token burn) and sign a message with the following string: "Download an Aion Compatible Blockchain". You may want to use the Web3 api or a tool provided by your wallet; we recommend using the tool from myetherwallet to sign your message.

  3. After signing your message, please use the form below to provide us with the following:

    • Address used to burn requisite AION token amount
    • Message
    • Signature
    • Email

  4. We will review the information and get back to you via email with a unique dowload link for your Aion binary package.

After obtaining your binary package, please refer to Nuco's extensive documentation to start exploring the Aion Compatible blockchain Kernel, API's and tools bundled in the package.

Learn More About Aion's Build Your Own Blockchain

Seize the opportunity to experiment with an Aion compatible blockchain! Before our network is fully operational, we will continue to roll out build-your-own-blockchain and alpha functionality to AION ERC-20 token holders.

The release is a production-ready, enterprise-grade and Aion network compatible blockchain platform, built by Nuco. The release is complete with an ecosystem of tools and services that enable the next generation of blockchain functionality. Features include:

  • Enterprise-grade security and performance, BFT Kernel
  • Massively scalable functionality for large network deployments
  • Compliance with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance guidelines, development environment,and administration tools
  • High bandwidth, low latency Java API

With this platform you can experiment with a enterprise-grade blockchain that is Aion compatible, building the early foundations of the third generation blockchain network. Get access to our build-your-own-blockchain with your AION ERC-20 tokens, using our Binary Access Portal.