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Current Bounties

Project Description Value Category Status Action
User Advisory Board
(Tier 1)
Join our user advisory board, you’ll receive periodic emails from the Aion foundation with specific requests to test releases, tools and more while providing bug submissions and usage feedback based on your experiences. Per Request Testing ongoing Claim
Content Creation
(Tier 1)
Become one of the core contributors to the Aion documentation aimed at teaching developers, miners, and users everything from getting started to more advanced topics like contribution to the Aion Kernel. Contribute sentences, sections, and pages to earn AION rewards. 3 – 3,000 USD Community ongoing Claim

Current Grants

Project Description Value Category Status Action
Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Tooling By enabling developers to build dApps in Java, the AVM can be plugged into the existing Java developer workflow. We are looking to grant projects that will integrate AVM functionality into existing tools & IDEs, and building a seamless developer experience. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Token & NRG Abstraction Solutions “Meta & Meta-meta transactions” solutions that abstract the execution cost from the developer and user with the focus of a streamlined dApp user experience. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Key Recovery Mechanisms for tools or protocols for recovering private keys. This includes varying levels of trust (i.e. server backup to social recovery). 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Testing & Debugging Tools Tools to test smart contract code for functionality, security flaws, with insights/error codes into debugging. Also includes support for multiple smart contract languages. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Decentralized Identity Framework A scalable and open-source identity module that enables users to sign transactions, validate identity attributes, and request credentials. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Ecosystem Growth open Claim
Upgradable Smart Contract Framework Smart Contract framework and template for creating & managing contract lifecycles. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Smart Contract Security Tools Tools for auditing the security of smart contracts for common bugs including error codes. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Decentralized Data Storage Seamless integration into decentralized data storage networks for application developers to store objects, files, media, etc. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Dev Tools This grant is open for developers to build tools that help improve the usability of the network for other developers. The focus will be on the developer experience. 5,000 – 200,000 USD Tools/Products open Claim
Investment Fund This grant is open for investment funds who are looking to grow the Aion ecosystem through invest in Aion-based projects. 100,000 – 1,000,000 USD Ecosystem Growth open Claim
Submit your Own: Grant Proposal If you have a proposal for a project you think would drive value for the AION ecosystem, send us a proposal and we will review it. Please use Aion Grant Template. 5,000+ USD Any open Claim

*The USD ranges for open grants are not final and are subject to negotiation based on scope, technical merit, team background, proposal details and more.
*Although values listed below are in $USD, all bounties and grants are paid in AION.

Past Grants & Bounties

Get a sense for what kind of grants and bounties we have funded in the past to propose some of your own. If you see a funded grant or bounty that you are interested in, we may consider accepting new applications with similar structures.

Project Description Value Category Status
Bicameral Ventures Bicameral Ventures is a venture investment fund dedicated to early-stage blockchain companies that will build on Aion. This grant was issued to support the launch of this fund, to subsidize set up and operational costs. 1,000,000 USD Ecosystem Growth completed
@tcrowe We are currently migrating our web3 offering from an outdated (and soon to be obsolete version) over to a web3.js 1.0 offering, which has quickly become the standard web3 to use. 2,070 USD Migration completed
@Satran004 This project provides a GraphQL API endpoint to interact with AION Blockchain. 600 AION Tools/Products completed
@Satran004 The Aion Pay and Aion Blocks webcomponents can be used by any developer to integrate within their website and the Aion FastVM docker allows developer to quickly compile smart contracts. 300 USD Tools/Products completed
Mastery Testnet Coin Faucet The Mastery Testnet Faucet built by the BlockX Labs team sends users 10 Aion Coins to be used for testing and development. 5,000 USD Tools/Products completed
Aiwa BlockX Labs are building a chrome-based plug-in browser wallet that focuses on a user-friendly experience for all types of users. The solution allows users to securely store their Aion coin, seamlessly sign transactions and smoothly interact with applications on Aion. 113,500 USD Tools/Products completed
Community Member This bounty is geared towards non-technical research to analyze the behaviors, anxieties, motivations of a particular ecosystem stakeholder group. 200 USD Community/Outreach completed
Nodesmith Nodesmith gives developers reliable and scalable access to the Aion Blockchain Network via easy to use APIs. It is a fundamental tool that abstracts messy infrastructure from developers and allows them to focus on building decentralized applications. 120,000 USD Network Access completed
Titan Suite Full-stack blockchain developer tools that allow developers to build dApps on the Aion blockchain with an IDE and CLI. 61,000 USD Developer Tools completed
Mavennet Mavennet are building a bidrectional bridge between Ethereum and Aion, enabling the seamless flow of any ERC-20 Token from Ethereum to Aion and vise versa. Core Protocol started
Pokt Network The Pocket iOS and Android Aion plugins will allow any developer to leverage the Aion network using a native or cross platform implementation, connecting to any Pocket Node with Aion support. Developer Tools started
Ethers.js A complete lightweight wallet and JavaScript API implementation for Aion. Developer Tools started
Maven & IntelliJ AVM Plugins Enables a fully end-to-end Java development workflow with complete AVM and Java smart contract functionality . Developer Tools started
Additional bounties and grants will be released on an ongoing basis. Please read the Terms & conditions for participating
in the Bounty Program.