Content Creation Bounty


If you’ve been following Aion and developments in the blockchain space, you can likely make meaningful contributions that we will compensate you for. In an effort to make it easier to engage with the project we’ve started a content channel aimed at teaching developers, miners, and users everything from getting started to more advanced topics like contributing to the kernel.

Task Description

Building decentralized applications and using existing decentralized infrastructure is still a lot higher friction than we’d all like. An important pillar in lowering the barriers to development adoption is an approachable language layer that helps developers, miners, users and other contributors get started. Since experience is the greatest teacher, we think it’s important that this language layer is a collaboration by a community of #buidlers all over the world. This is where you come in.

    1. Sign up for an Account on our Docs. (this is where our content is stored)
    2. Claim the Bounty associated with this initiative, you will fill out a form (please assure that your name is the same as the one used in
    3. Read the Aion Voice and Tone Guidelines to familiarize yourself with how Aion speaks.
    4. Find the AION University Sections parent list of content included in the first phase of this initiative here.
    5. Get started on content you are uniquely suited for (you can contribute sentences, sections or pages see below)
    6. Submit your suggested edits and we will review the content and merge.
    7. If your content is merged or declined you will be notified by email of the status of your contribution at the end of every two weeks
    8. We will pay out bounties for all accepted contributions on a bi-weekly basis on Friday afternoon EST.

Rules of Engagement

  • Minimum word threshold is one sentence.
  • No plagiarism (we will be reviewing contributions for this, please don’t do it).
  • Include references to factual content you include. (links in the footer are fine)
  • If you find diagrams and graphics you think will help convey the content, include them and reference the source.
  • Do your best to format your content with headers, links, and diagrams/graphics.
  • Follow the voice and tone guidelines here.


You will be compensated in AION in 3 different types of content contributions:

  • Sentences: At a minimum, writing a sentence that adds value to a page will be accepted. (Equiv. ~$3.00 USD per sentence)
  • Sections: If you think a section would add value to a page, it will be accepted. (Equiv. ~$20 USD per section)
  • Pages: Filling out, or proposing new entire pages will be accepted. (Equiv. ~$80–160 USD per page)

The bounty reward amounts are based on our evaluation of the content quality, effort, and complexity.

*The USD/AION rate will be determined at the time of payment 

Required Skill

  • Familiarity with Aion
  • Familiarity with blockchain technology and the major protocols in the space
  • Excellent written communication skills


Interested parties can contact us at [email protected] with comments, questions, and concerns.