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Be a part of the Aion story and revolutionize a technology.

At AION, we are looking for bright intelligent minds who will contribute to defining the future of blockchain technology globally.

Being bold, taking risks and moving fast is in our DNA. Living on the cutting edge of technology, we come to work every day with unbounded enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Blockchain technology.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering is a mindset and an approach to solving problems. At Aion, we are all engineers because we identify problems, evaluate ideas, and build solutions. With this shared mindset, not only do we tackle interesting and challenging problems, but we attract the world’s best to join our cause.

Extreme Ownership

Extreme ownership implies a no-excuses environment; and a realization that what you do impacts the success of the entire team. No matter what you’re working on, assume the ultimate responsibility lies with you, and work on a final product that you’re proud of, and that you would want recognition for.

Think Big

Decentralization represents a fundamental change that we believe will positively impact the world, and Aion is our contribution to drive that vision forward. We have to continuously challenge ourselves to think big and keep the size of our ambitions ahead of the speed of the market.

Speak Your Mind

This is an industry of disruption and invention, where the best ideas and fastest executions win. Our strongest asset is our people and our ideas, and we constantly leverage that to our advantage. For that to work, you are always encouraged to speak up and always speak your mind, challenge ideas you don’t agree with, and bring new ideas to the table.

Lead with Passion

If excellence defines us, then passion drives us. Our industry will lead the world into a new technological age, and we will lead this industry. For these words to be true, we all need to keep our guiding principles to heart and constantly lead with passion in everything we do.

Join Our Team

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Ecosystem Development Lead
Blockchain Engineer (Systems Software - Backend Developer), Barbados
Systems Software Developer (Blockchain Engineer)
Developer Advocate
Solution Architect
Creative Marketing Manager