AION Token Sale Mechanics

We've designed a sale structure we believe offers the right incentives and enables access to a diverse range of purchasers. Read our sale mechanics paper or visit our blog to learn more about our sale structure.



Institutional and accredited investors



Anticipated public sale events cencelled

Please visit our blog to learn more:



Early community members

** Caps are finalized at the block in which target amounts are reached, resulting in small possible variances.

The Public Sale Opportunity

The public sale enables Early Adopters of the Aion Ecosystem to acquire network tokens ahead of the Phase One Network Release as described in our Roadmap


Partner with Aion foundation in securing the Aion vision.


Receive additional token utility as project matures.

Token Allocation from Sale

Total Token Supply: 465M Tokens
Foundation + Nuco: 40% (185M)
Public: 60% (280M)

Planned Token Allocation

Total Token Supply: 465M Tokens
Foundation + Nuco: 40% (185M Tokens)
Public: 60% (280M Tokens)

As part of the Aion team’s commitment to the long term success of the project, AION network tokens allocated to the founding company (Nuco Global Inc.) and the Aion Foundation will be distributed according to a three-year release schedule.

The final token allocation is subject to change as a function of Token Sale mechanics as outlined in the sale mechanics paper.

** All token numbers given are accurate within 3% due to rounding errors.