Introducing the Aion Token Swap

Token Swap Updates

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How to Swap your Tokens for AION Coin’s

To swap your AION token’s for AION coins, please follow this official guide.

What is the Aion Mainnet Coin?

The AION coin is the native asset of the Aion blockchain, which is utilized for peer-to-peer transactions, payment for computational resources, rewarding miners and ultimately a critical security mechanism for inter-chain bridging and main chain consensus.

Important Information & Dates

The swap window will be between September and November, and all Aion ERC-20 tokens will be required to be swapped for Aion coins. There will be no future utility for the ERC-20 token and consequently, we will no longer support the token at the end of November.

Aion Token Swap FAQ’s

How many Aion Coins will I get for my ERC-20 tokens?
The swap will be done at a 1 to 1 rate, so you will receive 1 Aion Coin for 1 Aion ERC-20 token.

Will the swap cost me anything?
Using our Token Transfer bridge there will be no cost for the swap, other than the Ethereum gas cost for the transaction. If you use an exchange there may be a small transaction fee for facilitating the swap.  You will need to check with each exchange for their transaction fees.

How do I migrate my Aion ERC-20 Tokens?
There are two paths for managing the swap.

1)    Exchanges – We are working with a group of global and regional exchanges to provide support for the swap across our diverse community. In the coming weeks we will be updating a list of our partner exchanges that will be supporting the swap.  These exchanges will allow you to deposit ERC-20 tokens during the swap period and at conclusion you will be able to withdraw AION coins.

2)     Bridge – You can access the bridge through our Bridge UI and wallet interfaces such as MEW, MyCrypto, Meta Mask, Coinomi and Jaxx. To create your new Aion public address to input into the Bridge UI, utilize one of the various Aion Coin supported wallets that will be available for the swap. From the Bridge UI and supporting tools you will be able to send your Aion ERC-20, check on the status of your bridge transaction and receive your AION Coins.

Why do I have to switch to the native coin?
1) The full supply of Aion coin is necessary for the healthy operations of the crypto-economics of the network, and 2) there will be no future utility for the ERC-20 token and consequently we will be end-of-life’ing the token at the end of November.

What if I don’t migrate?
If you do not to migrate and you hold onto your Aion ERC-20 tokens, your tokens will not be supported by the Aion Foundation, Aion Network, 3rd Exchanges or 3rd party Wallets.

How do I store and interact with my Aion Coin?
You may store your AION Coin with any exchange or wallet which supports the AION coin. Follow our blog for news on any new third-party entities which offer AION coin support.

Why am I seeing dual Aion listings on some exchanges such as Bilaxy?
Several exchanges will be hosting the new AION coin while simultaneously hosting the legacy Aion ERC-20 coin. Although the legacy ERC-20 token will no longer be supported by the Aion Foundation, Aion Network or any third parties it will still be present on exchanges for a short period of time. Over time – the ERC-20 token will no longer be on exchanges and the only Aion asset listed on exchanges will be the AION coin.

Why is there a price difference between the Aion token and the Aion coin?
Although there may be a small variation in price between the Aion Token and the AION coin in the short term, the Aion Foundation will swap at a 1:1 ratio. The Aion Token will have no value or utility after the swap is completed.