Participate in TRS

Aion TRS Contribution Address

Gas Limit should be set to at least 100,000 and data field should stay empty.

To receive the TRS bonus and enter into the 12 month TRS, you must send AION tokens to the TRS address. Please read our blog post for all the details of TRS contribution mechanics. Your AION tokens will automatically be linked to the Ether address you contributed from.

If your wallet does not support ENS, use the ETH address. If you want to double check, use to lookup the ENS and match/validate the address provided in the field Reverse Name Lookup

Please DO NOT send AION Tokens from an exchange directly.
Please DO NOT send Ether or other ERC20 Tokens.

Please NOTE that Tokens committed to the TRS address will be subject to the agreed-upon release schedule and no mechanism exists for unscheduled balance widthdrawals or refunds.

Token Release Schedule Overview

Any purchased tokens can be contributed to the TRS at any point prior to the TRS lock date, ahead of the Public Sale.

Purchased tokens can be set to follow a release schedule at any time prior to the TRS lock date. At the close of the Public Sale, 25% of owed tokens in TRS will be distributed to contributors’ wallets, with the remaining tokens being distributed monthly for one year.

Sale Mechanics Snapshot

Understanding the Token Release Schedule (TRS)

TRS token-holders receive a pro-rata share of half the tokens left over from public and pre-sale events.

* All token numbers given are accurate within 3% due to rounding errors